From the Editors



Hi New Subscribers & Web Readers


When we took over the reins of the magazine from Joanne on the 1st June 2005, our aim was to keep the magazine going and to continue to promote linedancing in Aotearoa New Zealand to not only those here but also to fellow dancers around the world.


That said over the years we have endeavoured  to include International perspectives within the magazine as well as regional ones.


We also set up THE BEAT CHARITY ACCOUNT and all monies for the listing of social events within the JOIN THE LINE section of the magazine and any monies from the DANCE SCRIPTS section will go to the this account.   Initially our objective was to use the money raised for the NZ BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION and CAMP QUALITY (caring for NZ children with cancer), the money was then split evenly between these two worthwhile charities.  We drew down cheques for these charities when that account balance passed $500.


It became apparent that we should also make donations from this CHARITY account to other worthy causes  such as the AUSTRALIAN BUSH FIRE APPEALS, CANTERBURY & CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE APPEALS, PIKE RIVER MINING APPEAL FUND, KIDNEY FOUNDATION and the CHRISTCHURCH RIDING FOR THE DISABLED where Chrissie is a coach and has seen the great work that they do (this donation of $150 was through a horse sponsorship package).  Additionally as we have heard or come across members of the public who even after two years are struggling following the earthquakes or have special needs we shall try to help using this account. 


These have included a Pacific Island family in Christchurch unable to afford to visit the grandmother in Blenheim who was close to death with cancer.  The charity gave them $300 to cover the fuel cost for their mini van - the delight they expressed for seeing her that last time was heart wrenching.  She passed on two weeks later.   Also a solo mother with six children living in Papanui, Chch was given $500 to cover their winter heating costs as they waited for EQC to repair their home, the childrens rooms had cracks and cold damp air could get in.  There was also a young family who were uninsured and lost everything including their TV's, so we purchased a portable TV with Freeview for them.  There have been many others and we shall continue to help.


We hope that those of you who have previously subscribed or would be interested in trying out the magazine will take up a 11 issue, 6 issue or 3 issue subscription (this can be done online), or alternative why not order a single copy to see if you like it.


We appreciate you dropping by and look forward to meeting or hearing from you in the near future.




Mike & Chrissie

aka Mr & Mrs Ed