Sunday 29th March 2020

COVID-19 Alert Level 4 (of 4)



We have moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 4 - "Eliminate", this is for an initial period of 4 weeks.

You can download the Alert levels here.


What that means for us is that those who are outside of essential services MUST STAY AT HOME.

Supermarkets, Pharmacies will remain open and you can travel to them, but please keep this to a minimum.

Eradicating the disease is vital to protecting people’s health and ensure our health system can cope and look after New Zealanders who become sick.

You may go for a walk or exercise and enjoy nature, but keep a 2 metre distance from people at all times.

You can take your children outside, playgrounds are shut and should not be visited.

Police may be monitoring people and asking questions of those who are out and about during the lockdown.

Food will always be available – production will continue, distribution will continue, supermarkets will continue.

You will always have access to food.

Medicines will always be available.

Healthcare for those that need it will be available

Remember whatever you do it must be solitary or within your "bubble".

They are asking that we only spend time with those who you are in self-isolation with, and keep your distance from all others at all times.


Please follow the official health guidelines on hygiene & hand washing as that will help in reducing any spread.

The Official Government COVID-19 & Health Information can be found at:


On Sunday 29th March the Government announced that due to the high volume of calls to "111" reporting COVID-19 Isolation Breaches & Businesses suspected of breaching the essential services title, an online breaches form has been set up at:

Using this form will free up the "111" system for emergencies.

Breach reports through this system will be looked into.


ALL CLASSES and SOCIALS are now CANCELLED/SUSPENDED until further notice.

Thanks to Copperknob & YouTube you can still keep fit and dance at home.


The message to us all is that staying at home (as much as possible) will save lives, it could save yours and your loved ones.


Please take care & stay well.


Lots of Love

Mike & Chrissie