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Are you on Gordon Elliott's Workshop CD Mailing List?


Gordon can send you the Workshop CD's and Dance Books he uses at ALL of his workshops as well as his own classes.


There are 5 Workshop CD's mailed out per year - these cost only NZ$200 for the whole year and can be paid into a NZ bank account.

(details of the account number will be sent to you)


Price includes: CD's, Dance Book, Postage & Packing


USB option is also available (contact Gordon if required)


Download and complete the attached form and send it on to Gordon. 


** Please note: These CD's are LEGALLY produced with the appropriate licences from APRA/AMCOS and ARIA.




Due to the current COVID-19 situation please contact Gordon directly



TOURS in 2021 & Beyond


Our tour to Egypt and Jordon (2011) was cancelled this year so we are looking at planning it for 2024.  If you  are interested then please  get in touch and I will put your name down.


In 2022 I am planning a river cruise from Amsterdam to Zurich, if you are interested please let me know as I can get you on this tour.


In 2023 I am planning a wonderful Scenic Tour River cruise down the Douro River in Portugal, but I'm not sure if this will get to go ahead. There are a few places available so if you want to get on board with us please let me know.


I am also organising packages for the Aussie State Balls in 2021 and I just hope that they go ahead in 2021. Please get in touch if you want to come along as a part of my group.






* Subject Travel Restrictions


If you would like to host a workshop please contact me and we can make the arrangements so it becomes a reality.  You all know how much I enjoy coming to visit you all!!

G.T. Elliott

Line Dance Instructor/Choreographer

Mob: +61 411 500 511

E: gordondance@yahoo.com

W: www.dancewithgordon.com