"Nickki's Travels"

Hi!  My name's Nickki (anagram of kickin').  I'm a typical Kiwi, and The Beat Awards mascot.
I spend a year living with my foster parents, whoever happen to be the host group of the Awards,
and then I move on to a new home.

I spend a lot of time travelling around New Zealand, meeting line dancers from all sorts of
areas, and generally have a great time!  

Here are a few photos to tell you about my life as The Beat Awards mascot! 

Click here to see photos of  The Beat Kiwi Bootscooters Tour to Tamworth 2004!

Absolutely my favourite beverage, NZ home grown wine!

A Kiwi just ain't a Kiwi without chips for lunch - but where's the tomato sauce?

Me with Bill Larson when he did a workshop here in NZ 2003

This bunch of Aussies queued for hours to get this photo with me.

In 2003 I'm living in Hawera, a country town in the North Island.  The cows here think they run the place, but I can bootscoot on a fence - they can't!

Here are some of the members of my Hawera family.  They're all pretty friendly - except for the stupid lion who got his nose out of joint when I came along.

I get to meet some really important people in my job.  This is me with Christine Morgan from Tauranga.

Here's me with Linda Oliver from Piopio.  She was so excited about meeting me, NZ's famous bird, that she got dressed up like a peacock to try and impress me!

This is John & Sherril Parrish.  They come from Paeroa - where the world famous "Lemon & Paeroa" is made!

Now this lady's a real laugh!  She's Judy Pore, and is famous in Wellington for her dancing classes.

Here's another teacher from Wellington - Val Scoble.  She's been line dancing for about as long as I can remember.

Sharon Strong comes from the sunny Hawkes Bay - a great place to go for a holiday.  I'm wearing my new orange ear muffs in this photo - they were made especially for me by the Piopio Skunk Rockers!

This is Paul & Linda Derry.  They teach line dancing in Levin and are a lot of fun.

Now, this strange looking bunch of people like to get dressed up a lot.  They're Gourmet Country Line Dancers from Blenheim in the South Island, and I lived with them last year.  Great to see you again, Mum!

Here's my Dad and Mum from 2001, Maurice & Lorraine Roper from Hamilton!

This is Bruce Tau from Wellington - he's a cool guy and writes some neat dances.

Awesome!  My new Dad, Brian, bought me these new skis and took me up Whakapapa Ski field to test them out...

It wasn't as easy as it looked, and someone stuck a tree right in the middle of the field when I wasn't looking...

The doctor said that once my leg, wing and beak have healed I'll be able to go skiing again...but I think I'll stick to line dancing.

I can ride a bull with the best of them!

I met this pussy in Hamilton - she might have been cute, but boy, was she stuck up!

...and the Piopio rabbit thought I had my eye on the Hamilton pussy, and got pretty aggro about it.

Me and Lofty do some "bonding"

Naomi Walmsley & Jan Duncan took a real fancy to me!

Anyone who's anyone knows Josie Janssen from Morrinsville

Trish Blomfield from Greytown was a little scared of me, even though I told her I was house trained!

What a babe!  Karen Caird from Wanganui

Dale Rolls from Whakaoriori Shufflers and I understood each other!

Maria Double from the Waipa Wranglers just couldn't resist my natural charm!

Rose Griggs from Cambridge was a real sweetie

and so was Kath Pollock  from Auckland.

Hold on to your hat!  These Kawerau ladies mean business!

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