"Nickki's Travels"  
Tamworth 2004

In January 2004 I went with my mum, Jo Clifford-Marsh to visit family and take a tour group on to Tamworth.

Here's our team when we danced at the Aussie Champs!

Tamworth's Chris Watson thinks he can bribe me!

Who would believe Tamworth was in flood when we got there?

Laura and I waiting patiently at Sydney airport

Ted showed us his shiny gold boxers!

Melinda Schneider at the Tamworth parade

Hey, sit down!  I can't see!

Who's got the hairiest legs - me or Gordon Elliott?

Ooohh...my head hurts.  Me and PeeWee got a little too drunk at West Leagues last night.

Warren Mitchell wanted my autograph

Tracie Lee is CUTE!

Fay Trace from Brisbane was real nice

First Kiwi bloke I ever met that didn't know how to barbecue!

Out shopping for grubs

Arh!  Sun at last!

Here's where we stayed in Tamworth

A day at the beach in Tweed

This smart-mouthed Ibis was nothing more than a sticky beak!

Certificates for everyone after the "Longish" line!

Yee ha!  I got to do some busking with the Costa Brothers!

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