Wedding Bells

2001 saw several NZ bootscooters line up at the altar...

Ian Fyfe and Annette Thomspon tied the
knot in Ashburton with Best Man and
Bridesmaid, Roger and Rayma White,
and Annette's grandchildren completing
the bridal party.


The American Cowboy, Garry Walls, and his bride, Karyn, had a lovely Christchurch garden wedding.

Treena Bennetts and Aaron Borchert married in
Roxburgh during June.

New Zealand's favourite visiting
 couple, Doug Miranda and
Jackie Snyder,  tied the knot in
Hawaii in January 2002


Neil & Aimee Carey had a beautiful
 country wedding in early March in


Ngaire Griffen & Trevor Rigby were
married in Christchurch during April 2002


Australian newlyweds,
Sue and Bill Larson


Wedding Bells

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